Character Matters

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” A quote attributed to Aristotle. Or to put it another way for the bible believing population of America, “He who walks with integrity walks securely, but he who perverts his ways will become known.”Proverbs 10:9

Perhaps the most┬álamentable part of the U.S. election 2016 is the death of character. The PRRI, a non profit research group recently showed startling results with regards to the American public’s view on character in the Oval Office.


Full Research Results

To anyone who follows politics it is amazing to see white evangelicals, for so long the self proclaimed defenders of family and morality, suddenly the most accepting of immorality within a nation’s leader.

That is perhaps, the most crucial note. It is not that they have slowly become more accepting, it is that their entire view of character has changed because of a Presidential nominee for their party.┬áThis in no way defends Clinton, or the democrats supporting Clinton. As the most recent statement from Comey, and Hillary’s response to it has shown, she also lacks in character and morality.

Until recently it was considered normal for public figures to apologize for their indiscretions. Now, in the final days of a Presidential campaign, Clinton insults the messenger, Trump believes he is above repentance and the American people accept it. Perhaps we really will get what we deserve.

Written by Michael Davies November 1st 2016



Media’s Shameful Covering Of Trump

Nothing is further from the truth than the media’s shrill cry of defense that of course they cover Trump, he is the front runner.

This tweet by CNN and Greta’s response sums it up.


The Tyndall Report shows that so far this year Trump has attracted more media attention than all the other candidates combined.

“To take just one example, look at coverage of the Trump Campaign on the old-school nightly newscasts of the three broadcast television networks (ABC, CBS and NBC combined), whose average audiences each evening total some 25 million viewers. So far this year, Trump has attracted more airtime (175 mins) then all other candidates combined (Hillary Rodham Clinton 60; Bernie Sanders 44; Ted Cruz 32; Marco Rubio 14 and so on — data through the end of last week, March 11th, weekdays only).”

Unless I’m sadly mistaken, Hillary is also a front runner, and what’s more, Hillary is currently the favourite to become the President. I don’t see any news stations cutting to show her rallies in full.

Looking further back we see that the media actually covered him more than all the other candidates before he was dominating the polls.
Trump Media before front runner

Honestly. Even if he was dominating the polls, should that account for this discrepancy?

Now, I’ve heard other journalists such as Hugh Hewitt say that he is willing to come on TV any time any place. That’s a fair statement, but the news stations demand that other candidates come on tv in person. With Trump they allow phone calls at any time. What’s with the double standard?

The Huffington Post covers one story, just one, where CBS refuses to let Trump phone in. This shouldn’t even be news worthy.

What makes this even more galling is the lack of questions to Trump about his campaign manager allegedly assaulting reporter Michelle Fields. Not until Trump put his campaign manager on stage during his ‘victory speech’ on March 15th did the media even seem to be annoyed by it. This is journalistic malpractice.

Add to this the fact that they allow themselves to be corralled by Trump into a closed off section of his rallies. He insults them constantly and refuses press passes to those who disagree and openly speak against him. Ask National Review about that.

The sad truth is, they’ve sold themselves out for ratings. At least CBS has the guts to admit that.


Written by Michael Davies March 17th 2016